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October 23, 2004
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My Grave by Rozefire My Grave by Rozefire
Another picture of Ballio, and it's probably the first pic that I've entered into the macabre/horror section. ^__^

So this is basically what's left of Ballio's clan - a lot of graves with the plague sign (the heart symbol) covering them.

Sketching/lineart: best part of 2 days... (0.5 mech. pencil, tachikawa all-in-one manga pen)

Colouring: 3 hours (Photoshop 7 (cleaning lineart), Painter 8 (colouring), Photoshop 7 (text and final effects))

EDIT: Gonna try and do a better description because I know a lot of people don't know who this character is. ^__^

So in a nutshell, Ballio is the last remaining member of a clan famed for being 'politically neutral' because of certain abilities that has been passed down for generations - certain abilities such as shape shifting. These are highly sought after talents in a world that is divided into two domains - the domain of perpetual sunlight and the domain of constant midnight, governed by their respective queens/deities. The clan lived inbetween these two domains - where it is always twilight - and avoid getting involved with the conflict between the two queens.

I guess this pic makes the story look darker than it actually is, because Ballio is anything but a dark character. ^__^ Ballio is by no means the most talented shape shifter you'll ever meet (depends on how many you've met) and goes against his clan's teachings by siding with the Queen of Day when the Queen of Night sets loose a plague that destroys his clan. (Ok, that's pretty depressing). But the real reason he joins forces with the side of daylight is because he's basically chicken shit and doesn't want to catch the plague and die as well. This is why his clan labelled him "Ballio" which means "The Good for Nothing". Awwww... get the violins out people!

But is he a coward? Someone is lying, and Aspa Rin (the 'painkiller' chick) intends to find out who... AFTER she legally changes her name and emancipates herself from her vindictive parents.

[/crudtastic blurb]
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Your story sounds awesome and the picture looks just as good. :sniff: Poor Ballio ...
ArtemisDragon Apr 13, 2008  Student General Artist
absolutely love the form of the bird. :D brilliant (and dark and creepy lol) awesome
Wow- this is absolutely amazing. Now I really, really want to read more... o.o
TEH. SEXY. ZORS. (forgive me for my unarticulate side, it tends to decide what I like and don't like.)
invisible-deity Sep 9, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty! I see his name in the trees, it's a nice touch!
khymikaze Feb 1, 2007  Professional General Artist
he has an expressive face even without nose and mouth (I use to do that too ;) ) and I love the contrast created between the `hearts` and the `macabre` theme of the pic, I like it a lot :heart:
Interesting style.
anticia Oct 6, 2006
Yeah! It sure is a clean job!
You are very good! I like this pict!
femdro1d Sep 14, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow! you really got skills, I love your work!
SunGryphon Sep 1, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Neverwinter Nights font! Great picture and background info.
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